Worsley Marriot Wedding Photography

We’ve been in touch with each other many times since we covered Stacey and Dean’s wedding back in 2013, but what with house moves and Dean working away from home so much, and her busy modelling career, Stacey has been a very active  woman. Not that it shows, because if anything, she looks more beautiful than ever, and we enjoyed talking over the plans we’ve agreed to shoot some portfolio pictures of her and her two gorgeous daughters. Those photographs will be on this blog some time soon, but for now it’s a perfect excuse to look back on some shots of her wedding at the Worsley Marriot Hotel. This great venue provided a perfectly varied backdrop to a great day with two happy families and with a stunning bride and her handsome husband.

Beautiful bride preparing for her wedding

Stephanie & David

A beautiful bridesmaid, the daughter of the bride, holding her bouquet, with window light

What a stunning young girl Porsche is and she already knows how to show herself to a camera. It was very difficult catching her off-guard!

Stephanie & David

Bride and her daughter stand by a window in final stages of preparation

Stephanie & David

After the service the bride and groom can

The bride and her gorgeous baby daughter

Both Stacey and her sister Sarah are very beautiful women, and that beauty comes from incredible bone structure and great skin and complexion. It’s easy to see where that came from when you see Stacey here with her mother, Joan, bathed in light in the covered area next to Worsley Marriot’s central open space. Real beauty that passes down the generations, as you see when you look at Stacey’s two daughters in the accompanying photographs.

Beautiful bride and her gorgeous mum

Stephanie & David

Bride and groom kissing under trees outside the Worsley Marriot

Husband Dean is a handsome hunk too.

Happy couple enjoying some quiet moments

The First Dance

Bride and mum show how to really dance

Mum and daughter hit the dance floor with style!