Agape Wedding Dresses, Collette and the Bluebell Wood

Once again, we were fortunate to have the time and the opportunity to get together with Collette, our gorgeous model for the day and beautiful wedding dresses from  Alex and Karen at Agape Bridal Boutique, (  The spring sun was shining and we headed to a local bluebell wood to capture these images. This is such a special time of year, with new life springing up everywhere, and the fragile beauty of these flowers were a perfect backdrop to these stunning creations by Watters.

Watters wedding photographed in a woodland setting

Watters dress from Agape Bridal boutique and beautiful model, Collette

Beautiful model- surrounded by Bluebells

Soft woodland light- classical looks

Agape, Collette and the bluebells

English beauty- soft light

La Jolla by Watters

agape-collette-bluebells - shaft of sunlight

Colette in a shaft of beautiful sunlight

Collette’s ease and poise are wonderful qualities to work with. She jumped at the chance to model for us and enjoyed the brief break from her role as a make-up artist ( This dress is the La Jolla by  Watters
The soft light and natural setting were perfect, and the dresses looked like they had been designed with Collette in mind.

agape-collette-bluebell8- woodland landscape-

Natural elegance

We shot with three lenses: our usual 50mm f1.4 Summilux and the wide angle 28mm Summicron, plus a lens new to us, a 90mm f2.8 Elmarit. This combination gave a variety of perspectives, with the 50 and 90 creating lovely blurred backgrounds – that quality known as “bokeh”.

Whilst the light was soft, it was possible to find some contrast by placing Collette in patches of brighter light and exposing to create drama between her and the darker background. The foliage overhead helped to avoid unflattering “top light” and opened up opportunities for framing Collette against the lovely bluebells. After modelling the La Jolla dress, Collette changed into the full lace Diana, again by Watters.

agape-collette-bluebell10 - soft backlighting

The Diana by Watters


These woods are so romantic and would make a perfect setting for your engagement shoot, or a Cherish the Dress session after your wedding.

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