Queensberry Wedding Albums

Why do memories matter so much?  Maybe its because our memories give our life meaning.  We remember the mannerisms and quirks of loved ones, the way they say particular things. We recall events both big and small that have made us who we are, and the atmosphere of those shared occasions. The softness of a kiss, the slow lowering of eyelashes, a loving embrace. These are the moments that really matter, and nothing can replace them.  Yet  memories can fade over time.

Our wedding photography captures these precious moments as they happen on one of the biggest days of your life: all the love, fun, beauty and tenderness of your wedding day.  Every wedding is a special opportunity to record those unique memories for each couple,  and preserve them in the most beautiful way possible. One of the best ways of doing this is within the pages of a wedding album; a beautiful object for you to share, cherish and pass on to the people who will most value it, those who haven’t yet been born.

We are really excited to introduce a new, high-quality range from Queensberry  –  arguably the best traditional albums in the world, beautiful books made with the highest quality materials.   Stephanie and David’s Bartle Hall wedding was our first Queensbury album, and they too thought it was stunning!  Have a look and let us know what you think, we would love to hear from you.  Why not take a look at our other album ranges too, or better still meet up with us for a chat about your wedding photography.

Fine leather covers come in a range of colours.

Gorgeous attention to detail.

Photographs are inset into the page giving a timeless classic look.

And here are some of the pages from the album.  The design was kept simple – less is often more!

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