Arley Hall hosts Agape Bridal Boutique Dresses

We had  wanted to shoot some 1920’s style wedding images for a while and we wanted to shoot at Arley Hall. The right kind of wedding dresses were needed, and when met Alex and Karen of Agape Bridal Boutique at the Tatton Wedding show the quest was over. Their dresses were so outstanding that we made a date to shoot a sample with our friend Danielle Hutton.  Arley Hall formed the perfect backdrop and when Sheila Bebbington showed us round we were bowled over.  Perfect window light, backdrops that ooze taste and class, and dresses providing grace and glamour. It’s a tough life being a photographer!Soft draped wedding dress and window light wedding dress by Eliza Jane Howell at Agape

We shot this series in the Drawing Room, the Gallery, the Library and the Front Hall, where Arley Hall weddings take place,  and each location provided different opportunities. The large windows provided great natural light, allowing us to use side lighting, and shoot against the light for some portraits, and create mystery and drama for other shots. The scale of the rooms creates a landscape feel, and the textures and colours are wonderfully balanced.

arley-agape4Despite this being her first modelling assignment, Danielle showed confidence and assurance. She loved the dresses, and thoughts were turning to  her own wedding! This beaded dress by Eliza Jane Howell at Agape really suited the look we wanted to establish. Danielle’s skills as a make-up specialist were a blessing too, as can be seen in our selection of shots. She can be reached at


The different qualities of light in the interiors at Arley are really exciting to a photographer.  By moving deeper into the rooms, contrasts were  found between the bright window light and the shadowy depths within. We also used off-camera flash to balance the daylight from the windows in this shot, creating a moment of drama.


It’s always interesting to see how the drape and style of clothes affect the way we move and feel, and Danielle drifted coolly around this magnificent interior like a Scott Fitzgerald heroine.


This dress is “Daisy” by Forget Me Not at Agape. Danielle really like the differences between the two dresses and we took the opportunity to move  around the library, hallway and the stairs to get the most out of this beautiful venue.


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