5 ideas for the perfect bridesmaid’s dress

They’ve been through thick and thin with you at school and university, shared your laughter and your tears. They’ve seen you at your best (and worst!) and you can’t wait to share your wedding day with them. You want to choose dresses for your bridesmaids that they’ll love and feel wonderful wearing, whilst still complementing your style. This week we thought we would share five ideas gleaned from our brides and their bridesmaids.

1.  A bridesmaid’s dress should match the style and feel of your gown without being too similar. Collette chose flowing, unstructured dresses to complement her Jenny Packham dress. The details at the neck also echoed the neckline of her own gown.



2.  One size doesn’t necessarily fit all, so think about their ages and personalities. Hannah’s bridesmaids dresses were perfect for her bridesmaids at Inglewood Manor– the pastel hues worked well with their fair skin, and the young style emphasized their girliness. If your bridesmaids are different heights and shapes you might consider a style that works for most, like an A-line skirt or empire waist.

Bride and bridesmaids at church door

Bride and bridesmaids at Inglewood Manor

3.  Alternatively, have your bridesmaids in the same colour but in different styles of dress, like Lesley did.   Watters dresses are so elegant, and the colour filter on their website allows you to view different styles in the same colour. Another option is choosing complementary hues to suit a range of skin tones and hair colours, making sure the dress makes everyone look fabulous.

Bride and bridesmaids outside Rochdale Town hallBridesmaids on staircase Rochdale town hall

4.  For a black tie wedding, a black bridesmaid gown is the perfect match. For her French Riviera wedding in Antibes, Sarah chose these elegant cocktail dresses that matched the classic style of her wedding dress.



5.  Do ask your bridesmaids to go dress shopping with you, and listen to their feedback, but too many opinions can make it impossible to make decisions. You don’t want the process to feel miserable, so if you have more than two or three bridesmaids, maybe arrange separate shopping expeditions!

Hope this bridesmaid inspiration brightens your week, let us know what you think in the comments and please share if you enjoyed it.



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