Castlefield photo shoot with Dani

We met Dani at one of the wedding shows we took part in during the autumn and quickly realised she would be a very natural model. She is a gorgeous looking young woman, oozes natural grace, and has charm and confidence in spades, so we arranged to meet and have a portrait session together. That quickly became two sessions, since we wanted to capture both the low winter light at one of our favourite venues in Manchester, as well as some relaxed interior shots in warmer surroundings.

Deansgate Manchester-Black and white photograph-horizontal format-dark tones with some contrast

Dani enjoying a warm snuggle on a cool evening

Castlefield Manchester-Athletic and beautiful young woman with smile-Monochrome photographs, seated figureCastlefield locks-  Beautiful woman-dark clothes- warm smile

We love shooting at Castlefield. The Industrial Heritage of Manchester, the canals and bridges, create shapes, textures and drama, with variations in light that are really exciting.

Standing figure against iron columnBlack and white photograph, cobbles and ironwork, CastlefieldLean, athletic young woman against an industrial backgroundGritty industrial background at Castlefield, Manchester, woman leaning

With the Castlefield shots we used the  two prime , lenses, a 50mm f1.4 Leica Summilux, and a wide angle 28mm f2. Leica Summicron, and  used wide open aperture for the classic portrait photos and sometimes a smaller aperture, particularly with the 28mm wide angle, so that we had greater depth of field for the location shots.

Beautiful woman against dark tunnel backgroundOff-camera flash with woman and lamp post

With the interiors, we shot with two prime lenses, a 50mm f1.4 Leica Summilux, and a wide angle 28mm f2. Leica Summicron. As much as possible we shot “wide open” which is to say with the largest aperture that was practical, creating shallow depth of field.

Dani looking through window

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