Pre-wedding photography with Emily and Chris in Wythenshawe Park

If you think Emily and Chris look familiar, you may have seen them in last week’s post about locations for pre-wedding photography.  We all know the urban sprawl of Manchester, but it’s pretty well off for green spaces and parks too.  We met up with Emily and Chris in Wythenshawe Park, on a Sunday in May that was pretending to be November.  After a coffee and a chat about preparations for their Mere Golf resort wedding, we set off for a stroll together.  Like Emily, we opted for the jackets-on approach, whilst Chris is obviously made of sterner stuff and toughed it out in shirt sleeves.

Wythenshawe Park is actually 109 hectares of parkland with three grade 2 listed buildings, a community farm and glass houses (more of those later!)  Emily was quite apprehensive about having her photograph taken, so we started off near the cafe but not too near to inquisitive eyes.  We found a gate for them to lean on so they didn’t feel awkward or exposed, and just let them be themselves.  Pretty soon it was smiles all round and lots of natural, relaxed photographs.

Pre-wedding photos for a couple at Wythenshawe Park Manchestera happy couple lean on a gate in Wythenshawe park during a pre-wedding photo shootpre_wedding_photography03pre_wedding_photography04

Taking photographs under trees gives a flattering soft light and eliminates top-lighting that gives shadows under the eyes.  Our small Leica cameras meant that Emily and Chris didn’t feel uncomfortable with us quite close to them.


Emily’s hair is a gorgeous auburn that looked stunning against the dark foliage.


Did we mention the ducklings ??




Finally the cold got the better of us (how on earth did Chris manage all that time in just a shirt?) and we took refuge in the tropical hot-house.


We had a great morning with Emily and Chris and are looking forward to their wedding  at Mere Golf Resort in a few weeks time.


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