7 ideal locations for pre-wedding photography

There’s something wonderful about photographing a couple before their wedding day – sometimes it’s witnessing that dawning moment “oh-my-god we really are getting married this is really going to happen”. Or seeing nerves melt away in the realisation that being photographed is actually going to be fun. Or getting to see just how excited and in-love they are.

So how to pick a location? Maybe you have somewhere that is special to you as a couple. Or maybe you have so much to do that you just want somewhere close by.  As these photographs show, you don’t always need bright sunshine – the most important thing is somewhere you can be yourselves and enjoy some time together, away from wedding preparation stress!

So here are 7 location ideas for that pre-wedding shoot – we’re sure you’ll have lots of good ideas, and we would love to hear them.

  1. City centre

Great for offering lots of possibilities come rain or shine, and attracting admiring looks from passers-by!

a pre-wedding photo shoot with couple in city centre Manchester

engaged couple outside Peveril of the peak in Manchester_MG_2513_MG_2543

2.  Lakes and reservoirs

Photographing near lakes (these are at Rivington and Pennington Flash ) creates good light with reflection from the water, and the possibilities for open vistas.

a happy newly-engaged couple at Rivington reservoir

Engaged couple at Pennington flash

  1. Your venue

Great for checking out on-the-day photographic possibilities, and can tie in with a visit to sort out final details.  We met Jess and Mike at Rowton Hall and shot against the lovely summer’s evening light.


  1. Canals

Like lakes, great light from water reflections. Bridges add cover in case of rain, but also flattering soft light that eliminates eye socket shadows.



  1. Parks and churchyards

Trees and foliage offer different backdrops, whatever the season, and soft flattering light.



6.  Rivers and streams

These were taken in Grasmere, on a very busy Bank Holiday Monday. Hannah and Neil were a bit apprehensive about being in the public eye, so we escaped the crowds and went for a stroll together.

pre-wedding photography in GrasmereEngagement photography GrasmereEngaged couple by streamengaged couple in church doorway

  1. Your home

    No time to go anywhere? No problem, we’ll just come to you!  Nice weather?  Let’s head for the garden, but if it rains, we can just as easily use your kitchen!




So there you have it, 7 locations for a great pre-wedding shoot. Where would your ideal location be?  Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

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