We’ve been in touch with each other many times since we covered Stacey and Dean’s wedding back in 2013, but what with house moves and Dean working away from home so much, and her busy modelling career, Stacey has been a very active  woman. Not that it shows, because if anything, she looks more beautiful than ever, […]

If you think Emily and Chris look familiar, you may have seen them in last week’s post about locations for pre-wedding photography.  We all know the urban sprawl of Manchester, but it’s pretty well off for green spaces and parks too.  We met up with Emily and Chris in Wythenshawe Park, on a Sunday in […]

There’s something wonderful about photographing a couple before their wedding day – sometimes it’s witnessing that dawning moment “oh-my-god we really are getting married this is really going to happen”. Or seeing nerves melt away in the realisation that being photographed is actually going to be fun. Or getting to see just how excited and […]